Monisha contacted me to do photos of her infant son and husband at their Denver home. They didn't do newborn photos, but didn't want to miss out of getting some adorable shots of their growing boy. As we all know, time flies! It's my job to freeze these moments in time before they are blurred or forgotten entirely. I remember with each milestone my daughters' hit, I thought, "they've always been able to do this!" It's always so strange to look back and photos and videos from before they could sit up, roll over, walk, talk, etc. I was so honored to be able to capture these truly precious and fleeting moments in this family's life.



Remember that GORGEOUS mama wearing the floral crown? She had her baby!! Thomas was born 8 days early on Easter Sunday! I was thrilled when Amanda asked me to return to their home for a newborn session. I was seriously impressed with how big brother, James, was handling having a new brother. He absolutely adored him and was more than happy to pose for me and give him kisses. Thomas was a rock star and complained for one millisecond during the whole process. This session did make my ovaries twitch a little, but only slightly ;)

Joey is ONE!

I was thrilled when Joey's parent's contacted me to do one year photos. I did a family session for them last fall, and it is still one of my absolute favorites. Joey is incredibly photogenic, and they are just the sweetest family. I can't wait to do future sessions with them because they are so fun and easygoing! Joey was definitely on the move, but still gave me a ton of adorable poses...check him out!

Natalie's Maternity Session

Natalie and her husband are expecting their first baby, a girl, within the next few weeks! Natalie wanted to do a lifestyle session in her home, which I LOVE! We also went around her neighborhood to capture some of the blooming trees. I can't wait to hear of baby's arrival and the name they choose (it's between Olivia and Audrey...awwww!!). Here are some of my favorites from this session: 

Erin and Justin's Wedding

I have had the wonderful experience being what's known as a "second shooter" several times for two very talented photographers. It has given me a glimpse into what it takes to be a wedding photographer, which I have found is A LOT! It can be so many emotions rolled into one experience...exhilarating, fun, stressful, heart warming, and the list goes on. I don't think I've ever not cried during a ceremony, even though I had never met the couple before their big day. There is just something so special about bringing two families together to celebrate love, no matter how that love came to be or what it looks like. I genuinely enjoy being a second shooter, and I've developed some lasting relationships from these experiences. 

Erin and Justin's wedding was on April 1st, and they chose a 50's theme. I had a blast hanging out with the groomsmen while the main photographer (Chesney Louie Photography) was with the bride and bridesmaids. Erin and Justin were such a fun, down to earth couple, and their love for one another shone through. We did photos in several places in Downtown Denver before landing at The Soiled Dove for the ceremony and reception. Here is their big day from my point of view...enjoy!



Amanda's Maternity Session

Amanda contacted me when she was about eight months pregnant to do her maternity photos. I got her in right away, not wanting to risk her going into labor early and missing this opportunity! Luckily, baby stayed put so we could capture some gorgeous belly photos. It was raining that day, but as  told Amanda, cloudy skies make for some great photos! I got Amanda a real floral crown from Fluorescence Flowers, and it turned out amazing!

Amanda has one son already, who is a talkative and sweet toddler. She is expecting her second son at the end of April. Check out her session below, which included a mixture of both outdoor and an indoor/intimate feel. 



The DiEnno Family

Cara contacted me to do a mini session for herself, her husband Karl, and their soon to be one year old, Oskar. We picked a weekend in March and were able to catch some gorgeous light as the sun was setting. They were such a fun family to work with, and Oskar did a fabulous job! Babies and children in general burn out pretty quickly, so mini sessions are the best way to capture a mixture of fun and intimate moments. Oskar absolutely loved being thrown up into the air by his dad, and we were also able to get individual portraits and sweet moments with each parent. Check out some images from their session below!

The Dulin Family

I did a family session for Lindsey, Wes, and their 6 month old, Raeleigh on a chilly March afternoon. They all did wonderfully considering the weather conditions weren't ideal, and we captured some wonderful family moments! Lindsey and Wes met in college at Florida State University, so we spent part of the session doing FSU photos! They were so much fun to work with and Raeleigh was so easy going and sweet! Check out their session below!

The Aguilar Family

When Sienna contacted me about doing family photos as well as sibling photos, I jumped at the chance! Not only do I love family sessions, but I LOVE sibling photos! No matter what kind of a relationship you have with your sibling(s) growing up, you have a special bond that ties you together for life. I know having a sibling has had such a positive impact on my life, even though we didn't always get along as kids. I am so glad that I am able to provide siblings for my children as well, and it is so special to watch the love and closeness between them. 

Sienna and Peter have 2 year old Alice and 2 month old Sophia. I would like to stop here for a moment and ask, how cute are their names?! Alice was immediately friendly and chatty when I arrived, which makes my job so much easier. She was more than happy to have me take her photo, and one of the first things she wanted to do was read a story to her baby doll (cue the "awww's"). It was so fun and simple to capture her personality, and she did so well with her sister. We started with photos at their home and then moved to a park, and dividing up locations worked so well for this family session. I was able to get lifestyle/documentary photos in addition to posed family photos. I am so excited to share their session with you...enjoy!


It was a gorgeous spring day when I went to do Kingston's newborn photos. He was due at the end of March, but made his debut at the end of February instead. I was actually supposed to do maternity photos for his parents, Crystal and Chad, literally days before he was born! He clearly had other plans! 

Kingston is the first born to these lovely parents, who were clearly head over heels for him. They have a gorgeous home with bright, natural light in several rooms (a natural light photographer's dream!). His nursery was one of the best I've seen, beautifully decorated with his name, a slew of board books, and a cozy rocker.  He is such a lucky and loved baby! I hope you enjoy taking a peek into his new life as much as I enjoyed taking these photos!