Isabel. Izzy. Izzy Bizzy Bee. You are bright, like the sun. You have a beaming personality and an infectious laugh. People always comment on what a great laugh you have. It is a deep, belly, genuine laugh. You can’t help but smile when you hear it. You have thick, blonde hair, and stunning blue eyes. You are the chubbiest of your sisters, but you’re “average” (50th percentile) according to statistics of other children your age. I’ve always loved your baby rolls and your round, full face. When I was pregnant with you and Grace, I could always feel you move more. You reassured me that you were there, and that you were ok. It gave me a sense of relief and joy in a time full of anxiety. Grace didn’t move as much, and I worried about her. But you, you were always there. Thank you for that.

Because you were the more active baby, we felt that Isabel/”Izzy” was more fitting. You were also the bigger one, but ever so slightly. You only weighed 4 more ounces at birth. From the get-go, you were the easier twin. Your needs were simple: eat, diaper change, cuddle. I often felt guilty that I couldn’t give you more attention because you were competing with two other children. Your twin sister had acid reflux, which meant she felt a lot of pain and discomfort right after eating. You, on the other hand, did not. I was thankful to not have two babies with reflux, but it also meant that Grace needed much more attention to help ease the pain. 

You took to a lovey very quickly. Your lovey is a bunny that was given to you while in the hospital, and you needed it to comfort you when I didn’t have enough arms to meet everyone’s needs.  It is still your favorite today, and you can now say “bunny”. I had to go on Ebay and order an extra one (darn limited edition), which proved to be a lifesaver when it was left at grandma and grandpa’s house one evening. There were times when I was alone with the three of you at bedtime before daddy got home from work. It was a juggling act, and I was almost always crying and/or sweating by the end of the process. As soon as you would calm down, Grace would cry and get you upset again. This would go back and forth, round and round. Eventually, I had to put one of you in a separate room and shut the door. Otherwise, neither of you would go to sleep. I regret not getting hired help for those early evening hours when I was struggling to stay afloat. I was drowning, but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I felt sorry for all of you. Sorry that I couldn’t hold and sing to each one of you individually, sorry that I got so frustrated and couldn’t handle the crying anymore, sorry that you had to split the attention when I so badly wanted to give all of you my 100%. But instead, someone got 30% here, 21% here, 49% there. I remember also trying to potty train Harper at the time, which was incredibly stupid and premature. I would give her my phone to play with out of desperation, and when I could finally come back to her, I’d find that she’d peed on the chair. I didn’t even have a moment to take her to the potty. I was trying to do it all, and I was failing. Even though you were just a baby, I thank you for being patient. I wish each of you could experience being my one and only child so I could spoil you.

You are my child that is the most affectionate. You used to go to anybody and when they picked you up, you’d rest your head on their shoulder. It made everyone’s heart melt. You really enjoyed being held and rocked your first year of life, whereas Grace preferred to be laid down as soon as possible. You have since become more particular about your snuggles, but you definitely enjoy being held, sitting on laps, and giving hugs. You love to read books and cry at bedtime when it’s time to stop reading and go to sleep. Your vocabulary is astounding, and it seems you learn at least one or two new words a day. You can say apple, mommy, daddy, baby, cheese, water, dog, and many others. You make me laugh when you run because your arms are out at your sides, and it’s more of a skip/gallop. You especially love it when I tease “I’m gonna get you!” Although you are more vocal in the sense that you talk a lot more than Grace, you can also be very quiet. When you wake up from nap or in the morning, you’ll make little, barely audible noises. You are content just lying there until I come get you. Grace, on the other hand…I’ll leave that for her section.

You and Grace have been playing together more and more. I’ll find the two of you looking at books together, playing with toys in the basement, or getting into the cabinets. You’ll laugh at each other about God knows what, and you like to lay together on the floor when you drink your milk. Grace will usually pick the spot, and you’ll follow and lay down wherever she is. Sometimes you’ll drag the dog mat around, find a spot that you deem worthy, and lay down on that. You also play with Harper a good amount, but you hate sharing my lap with anyone, especially her. Sometimes she’ll want to read a story with us, and if she comes to sit on my lap with you, you’ll scream and cry. You are also this way about other toys and other children. If you’re in the wagon and another child tries to pull/push it, you scream. If I do it, you’re content. 

You, like your sisters, bring so much joy to my life. You are always making me laugh, and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without you. I love you, Izzy.