spring wedding

Erin and Justin's Wedding

I have had the wonderful experience being what's known as a "second shooter" several times for two very talented photographers. It has given me a glimpse into what it takes to be a wedding photographer, which I have found is A LOT! It can be so many emotions rolled into one experience...exhilarating, fun, stressful, heart warming, and the list goes on. I don't think I've ever not cried during a ceremony, even though I had never met the couple before their big day. There is just something so special about bringing two families together to celebrate love, no matter how that love came to be or what it looks like. I genuinely enjoy being a second shooter, and I've developed some lasting relationships from these experiences. 

Erin and Justin's wedding was on April 1st, and they chose a 50's theme. I had a blast hanging out with the groomsmen while the main photographer (Chesney Louie Photography) was with the bride and bridesmaids. Erin and Justin were such a fun, down to earth couple, and their love for one another shone through. We did photos in several places in Downtown Denver before landing at The Soiled Dove for the ceremony and reception. Here is their big day from my point of view...enjoy!