two months old

Triple Threat

As a twin mom, I have a lot of connections to other mother's of multiples. This has not only been great for my social life, but it has also been great for my art and storytelling. When I heard that Jaime had triplets, I just HAD to take her newborn photos. Jaime has no family history of multiples, so the fact that their first born was going to actually be their first THREE born was quite a shock. Jaime and husband Wes welcomed Ariah Marie, Logan Grace, and Crosby James into the world at 29 weeks gestation on Thanksgiving Day. Mr. Crosby was still on oxygen at the time of the photo shoot, but all are healthy, happy babies! 

For me, going from no children to one child was a more shocking experience than going from one children to three children. Perhaps it's because I knew what to expect, or I was already used to thinking of my child before myself. Either way, it's hard for me to imagine being thrown into parenthood with three infants. Jaime and Wes are rocking it! 

When I arrived on Sunday morning, the babies had recently eaten and were fast asleep. That gave me plenty of time to assess the lighting and decide how I wanted to set up. I started by taking some individual photos of Ariah because 1. she's an adorable baby with a head full of hair, and 2. I was told she's the good sleeper! As promised, she stayed fast asleep while she was wrapped up and moved around. I then dived head first into my first triplet session by getting them all undressed (with the help of Wes and his mother), wrapped in cheesecloth, and placed into my new newborn prop...a huge basket! Using props is a newer concept to me, as I usually use whatever the parent's have lying around the house. However, the basket was a success and I'll definitely be using it again! 

The babies did fabulous for the photo shoot and stayed asleep 80% of the time. I was so nervous that they would all be fussy, but each one of them was easy to settle and in such good spirits. Jaime and Wes were completely chill the whole time too, which made things that much easier! Overall, they were the perfect family to use as my intro to newborn multiples photography, and I hope to photograph the triplets more as they grow. I'm thinking a photo shoot will be much more difficult with three toddler running in all different directions!